What's New in Rockman's World?

Well, there've been several requests for an updates page here on Rockman's World, so here it goes!

October 29, 1997:
I've added a FAQ page about Rockman's World to cut down on confusion for people. Hope it helps!
Also, I've posted the first few pages of Polarization, my newest fan fiction! Go and read it in the Fan Fiction Library!
November 5, 1997:
Not much new today; there's a new secret in Rockman's World--a special sneak-peek ahead in Polarization to nearly the end of the story. It's hidden somewhere in the site.
November 8, 1997:
New MIDIs; this time it's two different arrangements of the final battle with Dr. Wily from Rockman 5. One is Dave Choe's; the other is Justin Horn's. They're both avilable on the Rockman 5 Soundtrack page.
Also, Ben Yackley's Mars and Jupiter themes from Rockman World 5 are here. They're available on the main MIDI page.
Finally, Dave Choe's final version of Shademan is here as well (sorry for the delay!) Check it out on the Rockman 7 Soundtrack page.
November 9, 1997:
Very early this morning, I gave the music archives a bit of a pinch and made them a bit cooler. After I draw a new background for them, they'll be done for a while, and will represent what kinds of changes I plan to make to the rest of Rockman's World in general.
Also, I added soundtrack pages for Rockman X, X2, X3 and X4. Rockman X should be on the way soon, as will be the MOD archives!
November 10, 1997:
Early this morning (again) I finished my Rockman Dash Info Page! Go and check it out! I'll probably update later today when the sun's up.
December 2, 1997:
Well, it's been a few years since I updated, namely because I haven't had internet access for almost a month! Aaah!
A while ago, I added several new MIDIs, but never got a chance to put them on the Updates page. Skull Castle I from Rockman 7 is available, as is Dave Choe's Burstman. His new Skull Castle from Rockman 6 is here, too! The stage select for Rockman 6 is here, as well as the Japanese Prologue music, and Stage Select music from Rockman X3, and Gravity Beetbood's Stage from X3.
In addition, chapter 6 of Tom Hullett's Megaman: Twilight is here, too. Bass is Not a Fish will soon be up, and the Wrath Within will be up in its entirety. Also, the Fanfic section itself will be undergoing some drastic remodeling.
Keep rockin' on, and have a cool holiday season!
December 7, 1997:
Here's the next update; I've finished Chapter 7 of Rockman: the Wily Wars. It's on the newly revamped Fanfic page, along with a new ratings systems for the fiction (for those of you who don't want to expose your tender sensitivities to things like swearing and blood).
Also, Steve Cronen's Megaman: the Wrath Within is now here in its entirety! Go see it in the fanfic section!
Finally, I got a chart up too that converts between the names for Mavericks and Irregulars. Check it out here.
More to come soon to Rockman's World!
December 9, 1997:
After two days of intense writing, I've finished Chapter 8 of Rockman: the Wily Wars. Is also on the fanfic page.
Also, I've got the first Rockman Power Fighters MIDI up--it's the remix of Napalmman's Stage! Go and listen to it on the Music Archives page!
December 13, 1997:
Here's two more MIDIs for you that I've just finished: Gravityman (at long last) and the Rockman X4 Anime Introduction. Check both of them out on their respective soundtrack pages!
February 1, 1998:
Jeez! It's been long enough since I've updated! Well, here for your listening pleasure is Duo's Theme from Rockman 8, the Stage Select from Rockman 2: the Power Fighters, Split Mushroom's Stage from Rockman X4, Storm Fukuro's Stage, also from Rockman X4, and the first-ever Rockman: Battle and Chase MIDI on the web! Also, it turns out that the Gyroman MIDI in the Rockman 5 Music Archive is actually the Power Fighters remix of that tune, so it has been reclassified.
In other news, I have corrected some misinformation on my page (thanks to Metool), and added some track names on the soundtrack pages for Rockman 8, X3, and X4.
Within the next week, you can look for more updates, including more MIDIs (Double's Theme and more MIDIs coming soon), as well as new fanfic and game hints! Keep checking back!
By the way, last time I checked, this page had received over 21,000 visits! Thanks for all your support!
February 2, 1998:
Well, I was almost done with Zero's Theme from RMX4, but the bloody computer deleted it when it froze this morning! Aaargh! However, I have completed Gryoman's Stage, which is also available on the Rockman 5 Soundtrack page!
Also, look for new fan fiction soon! Updates to Bass is Not a Fish by Red Draco, and new fan fictions Get Back by Steve Cronen, first-time fan fiction the Gem Wars, and Anomole by Daniel Meir!
February 4, 1998:
Hey, I re-wrote Zero's Theme from Rockman X4! It's up on the soundtrack page now in its entirety! Go check it out, and be on the lookout for more new stuff soon.
February 11, 1998:
Well, you'll probably have noticed that I cut a huge chunk out of the earlier dates here. That's because the page was getting too darn big, and I watned to cut down.
I've got some more MIDIs up for Hunters in London, as well as the first waves! Go check them out on the Game Idea Page!
In other news, I'm steadily working on more MIDIs and fan fiction. Keep checking back!
February 23, 1998:
Sorry, not many updates to report. However, I have posted the first crude program model for Hunters in London, available on the Game Ideas Page! Go and check it out!
July 22, 1998:
Well, I finally got around to doing it! There's plenty of updates, including the new Rockman's World Delta, new MIDIs, including from from Rockman and Forte!
Also, there is a new semi-operational Game Downloads section. Of course, all of this violates what I said I would never do.
Well, darn. Anyhow, this is the rebirth of Rockman's World! Look out for plenty of new stuff in the near future!
July 25, 1998:
Okey-doke. There's a few new MIDIs on the site to watch for: Heatman5's Dynamoman MIDI and his Cutman Remix from Rockman 2: the Power Fighters. Both are excellent.
As for me, I've added a few of my own. The Rockman 7 Battle music from inside Skull Castle, the Ending Music I from Rockman X2, and Shining Tigerd's Stage from Rockman X3.
Also, look for some Ben Yackley remixes in the Rockman 6 Soundtrack.
July 30, 1998:
Nothing much new; there's a few more new MIDIs; the Heatman remix from Rockman 2: the Power Fighters, the Final Battle music from Rockman 3, the Rockman Music from Capcom vs. Marvel, and a few of my own; Right-Auto's Theme from Rockman and Forte, and Burnerman's stage!
August 1, 1998:
Two more MIDIs, brand new from the sequencer; first there's the Rockman 3 Ending Part II from Dave Choe. The second is the Rockman 4 Ending Part I (Train Ride) written by yours truly.
August 3, 1998:
Fanfic update! I posted the newest chapters of Red Draco's ever-cool Bass is Not a Fish as well as the newly-completed chapter for my Rockman: the Wily Wars. Go check them both out on the Fanfiction Page!
August 4, 1998:
More Fanfic, more MIDIs! I finished my 100th MIDI--Tenguman's Stage from the Saturn version of Rockman 8! Also, I added Justin Horn's Clownman MIDI. Both are available on the Rockman 8 Sountrack Page.
As for fanfic, Aria's Aria is now here! Look for it in Blues' Rockman Fan Fiction Library, along with a brand-new rating system that actually makes sense (my old one didn't).
August 10, 1998:
Nothing amazing yet; I posted the new quiz and the old quiz's answers. Other than that, nothing to report.
July 16, 1999:
Gods! An update? Surely this must be some sort of mistake?! Afraid not, my friends. I've finally returned to the long-abandoned Rockman's World with a new chapter for Rockman: the Robot War! It's available at Blues' Rockman Fan Fiction Library.
Nothing else amazing and new, but keep an eye open. Now that I've awakened from my year-long sleep, anything could happen.
November 14, 1999:
No, this isn't really an update--just another chapter of Rockman: the Robot War. Sorry to get your hopes up. However, if you're interested, the second-to-last chapter is available at Blues' Rockman Fan Fiction Library.
Hey, I'll be getting a break at some point in the hopefully near future. Maybe I'll get a little work done on hte page then . . . ?