Rockman and Forte Title Screen

Rockman and Forte: The threat of the Dark Energy has come and gone, but Dr. Wily still has a few tricks up his sleeve. However, before he can set them into motion, he is thrown out of his own castle by a mysterious robot called King, who steals the plans for Dr. Wily's next set of Robot Masters and uses them on Wily himself!
Dr. Right and Rockman rush to confront the lethal King, while Forte and Gospel are also sent to do battle. For once, Wily and Right cooperate!

Rockman and Forte MIDI Soundtrack: Here you can listen to all the music from Rockman 8 and download all of them in a ZIP.

Rockman and Forte Walkthrough: For complete strategies concerning getting through the stages and other secrets, go here.

Emulator: Click here to download the ROM of Rockman and Forte for the Super FamiCom/SNES Emulator! (Mucho grande thanks to Doctor Cain).

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