Rockman and Forte MIDI Soundtrack
Rock and Forte Robot Masters

Note: Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Tracks arranged by Justin Horn indicated with a ^. Tracks sequenced by Heatman5 indicated with a +. Tracks not yet available indicated with **.

Tracks and Titles
Track 1--Title Screen
Track 2--Saved Game
Track 3--All the King's Men
Track 4--Challenge
Track 5--Blues' Confrontation^
Track 6--Hypothermal Jazz*
Track 7--Holographic Anxiety
Track 8--Giza
Track 9--Incendiary Jungle*
Track 10--Marine Wreck
Track 11--Dynamic Fortress
Track 12--Carnival
Track 13--Aerial Realm
Track 14--Violent Showdown
Track 15--Rockman Wins
Track 16--Forte Wins
Track 17--Auto's Shop*
Track 18--Data Banks Accessed
Track 19--Arsenal Expanded
Track 20--the Crystal Maze
Track 21--Castle of a King
Track 22--Belly of the Beast
Track 23--Hero Select
Track 24--Madman's Sanctuary
Track 25--Final Battle
Track 26--Victory and Credits

Track notes for Rockman and Forte MIDI Soundtrack

Note: I have not yet beaten the game, so there may be some later tracks that I have left out.

Track 1 Title Screen: Fairly self-explanatory
Track 2 Saved Game: This is the music that plays when the save option appears, or the option to load a game appears.
Track 3 All the King's Men: Stage Select Music
Track 4 Challenge: The music played when a Robot Master is chosen
Track 5 Blues' Confrontation: the opening stage music
Track 6 Hypothermal Jazz: Coldman's Stage
Track 7 Holographic Anxiety: Astroman's Stage
Track 8 Giza: Groundman's Stage
Track 9 Incendiary Jungle: Burnerman's Stage
Track 10 Marine Wreck: Pirateman's Stage
Track 11 Dynamic Fortress: Dynamoman's Stage
Track 12 Carnival: Magicman's Stage
Track 13 Aerial Realm: Tenguman's Stage
Track 14 Violent Showdown: Robot Master Battle Music
Track 15 Rockman Wins: Rock's victory music
Track 16 Forte Wins: Forte's victory music
Track 17 Auto's Shop: the music for Right-Auto's Shop
Track 18 Data Banks Accessed: the music played while viewing Data CDs
Track 19 Arsenal Expanded: the "new weapon" music
Track 20 the Crystal Maze: music for the Gateway to King's Castle
Track 21 Castle of a King: the music played before the beginning of King Stages
Track 22 Belly of the Beast: King's Castle stage music
Track 23 Hero Select: the screen in which Rockman or Forte can be chosen as the hero
Track 24 Madman's Sanctuary: the stage music for the third stage of Wily's/King's Tower.
Track 25 Final Battle: the battle music against Dr. Wily
Track 26 Victory and Credits: the Credits Music at the end of the game

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