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Welcome to Eddie's Rockman Music Archives!

Maelgrim has a MIDI editor, and can compose Rockman stage music upon request. Yes, he wasn't planning to be a Music Performance major for nothing--he can write music! So, if you have a particular song you'd like to see on this page, tell him! Also, as you can see at the bottom of the page, Maelgrim writes fiction-inspired music, so if you like a particular story, specify a part of the story you would like music written for.

I would like to see the following MIDI file (currently unavailable on other sites) or a new arrangement of a current Rockman stage music available on this page:

For reference, my E-Mail address is:

Note: For your convenience, Eddie's binary speech is translated into English. All of Right Tot's speech is in Japanese, and has also been translated into English as well. Big Eddie does not, never has, and most likely never will speak.

EddieGreetings! Available for download and your listening pleasure are several MID format Rockman songs. Sorry, but WAV files are available only on request.
Note about Rockman Soundtracks: the soundtracks are arranged as if they were film scores, and thus each game has its own track. To hear music from a particular game, click on the name.

Wingroove: If you don't have a wavetable soundcard, or even if you do, these MIDIS are best heard with Wingroove, a program that takes virtually any soundcard makes it sound exponentially better. If the music sounds cheesy to you, it's probably because your soundcard isn't a wavetable one. For your convenience, you can download Wingroove here. I think it's about 1 MB of space, and it's definitely worth it!


Rockman 2: the Power Fighters

Napalmman Remix*
Stage Select*
Gyroman Remix
Cutman Remix sequenced by Heatman5
Heatman Remix

Rockman World (Game Boy)

Note about Rockman World game music: Certain tunes from the Rockman World (Game Boy Rockman) games are unavailable to Maelgrim for transposition unless you send him a recording, either by E-Mail or Snail Mail. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Rockman World (I)


Rockman World II

Magnetman's Stage

Rockman World III

Sorry, not yet.

Rockman World IV

Stage Select

Steel Legends: Rockman World V

Ringed God: Saturn's Theme
Coming Eventually . . . Venus's Theme!
Red Planet: Mars' Theme
King of Olympus: Jupiter's Theme


Rockman's Theme from Capcom vs. Marvel

Fan Fiction-Inspired Music

Neo Blues' Tale: inspired by the chapter "Zero's Secret" in Illumina's Relic called Ragnorok.


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