Rockman 8 Title Screen

Rockman 8: With Dr. Wily in hiding, things seem fairly peaceful for Rockman, with only the occasional battle between himself and Forte. Howeer, when a mysterious meteor falls onto an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean, Rockman is sent to investigate--and finds more than he bargained for.
Caught up in a galactic struggle between Duo--a good robot--and the Dark Energy, of which Dr. Wily himself is only a puppet, Rockman's eighth game is his most exciting yet!

Rockman 8: Metal Heroes MIDI Soundtrack: Here you can listen to all the music from Rockman 8 and download all of them in a ZIP.

Rockman 8 Walkthrough: For complete strategies concerning getting through the stages and other secrets, go here.

Emulator: Sorry, there's no ROM for Rockman 8 since it's PSX. However, if you own the disc itself, you can play it on an PSX Emulator!

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