Rockman 7 Title Screen

Rockman 7: Dr. Wily. having been confined to jail, makes his next strike at Rockman by remote with four robots preprogrammed to save the nefarious scientist. And added to the mix are Forte and Gospel, two robots whose loyalties are more than they seem. This one is called "Confrontation of Destiny" (also a loose translation). Click below to various parts of this site associated with the seventh Rockman game.

Rockman 7: Symphony of Fire MIDI Soundtrack: Here you can listen to all the music from Rockman 7 and download all of them in a ZIP.

Rockman 7 Walkthrough: For complete strategies concerning getting through the stages and other secrets, go here.

Emulator: Download the original Rockman game for Super Famicom/SNES Emulator here!

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